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Fishing for Coho Salmon in the Ocean

Late June - July

Native from California to Alaska, the coho has had problems in the lower half of its range. Habitat loss and over fishing brought the coho to the endangered species list. It was prohibited to take any wild coho for a number of years. Thankfully they have bounced back and some limited seasons exist. Fishing seasons are set each spring, check with us for open season dates. This can be an action packed fishery with fish striking gear within site.

Silver Salmon are pound for pound, one of the toughest fish around.

We fish for Coho Salmon in Depoe Bay, Florence, and Winchester Bay

Our primary location for the June fishery is Depoe Bay. We also will pick up and run out of Newport or Florence Oregon. This mobility can be a big advantage when a great bite happens and we can make a move to get on the fish.

We primarily troll for them with lighter gear than most charters and at slower speeds. This provides a bit more challenge with the barbless hooks we are required to use. The fish are usually very aggressive, and when you get into a school of them, it can be hard to keep the rods in the water.