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Sport fishing for Halibut on the Oregon Coast

Here in Oregon, we are at the bottom end of the Pacific halibut’s range as most prefer the colder waters near Alaska. Little is certain when discussing the migration habits of halibut around the North Pacific. In our waters, halibut are younger fish — topping the scales at “only” 100 lbs, unlike their relatives to the north which can reach in excess of 400 lbs.

In our waters, Halibut are younger fish, topping the scales at 100 pounds.

Halibut are strong fighters with an impressive yield of firm, white flesh.

On our guided Halibut fishing charters we use heavy rods and drift our baits deep in the ocean, between 150 to 500 feet with heavy leads. Halibut can be caught off the Oregon Coast using any number of baits, seeming to prefer herring. Once brought to the surface, larger Halibut must be harpooned and subdued quickly. A large Halibut thrashing around is very dangerous and respect must be given or you can get hurt, which is why choosing an experienced guide like Captain Chad is so important. 

Seasons for Halibut retention are governed by a number of committees and countries, so every year they are different. Check with On The Line Guide Service to see when Halibut fishing is open. Occasionally, Inshore Halibut fishing is open, when one is hooked bottom fishing, and the fight is on light tackle. On The Line Guide Service stays up to date on all Halibut fishing regulations and ensures your chartered fishing trip has the best chance to bring up a monster! 

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