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Reel in the Oregon Fishing Experience

Oregon is home to some of the best fishing in the west with its scenic coastlines and rugged, picturesque rivers.

What makes fishing in Oregon so special?

Few places in the world have Oregon’s diversity and quality of angling. Salmon and halibut dominate the Pacific Northwest coastline, while salmon and steelhead run in major rivers in the central and eastern regions. Whether you’re an expert or a newbie to fishing, Oregon offers a number of amazing fishing locations all year long. Oregon’s vast and diverse wilderness with its ample oceans, rivers, streams, and lakes are what make it a perfect sport fishing destination.

Fishing Oregon’s Coast

Oregon’s coast offers a variety of fishing opportunities. In the open ocean, you can troll for salmon, lingcod, tuna, halibut, and even some of the native shark species. Onshore you can fish the beaches for surfperch and jetties for rockfish. Some of our favorite coastal fishing locations include Depoe Bay near Lincoln City, Winchester Bay near Reedsport, and Florence.

Fishing Oregon’s Rivers

Oregon’s rivers are some of the most popular fishing locations in the world. Many sport anglers are reeled in by the idea of catching one of the Chinook salmon that rule the Oregon rivers during spawning season in the spring.

Steelhead are also one of the ultimate game fish. These elusive beasts can test the patience and persistence of even the best angler, but the reward of hooking a fish that is famous worldwide is worth it.

Besides salmon and steelhead, other fish you’ll encounter in Oregon rivers include trout, bass, panfish, shad, and sturgeon. Some of the favorite Oregon rivers to fish include the Deschutes, Siuslaw, Columbia, Metolius, Mckenzie, Umpqua, and the Rogue River.

Metropolitan Fishing

Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington

While Visiting Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, Washington there is a great opportunity for excellent salmon and steelhead fishing. Just 70 miles inland and home to two great rivers and a multitude of streams, good fishing is never exhausted in these cities.

The Columbia River, which borders Washington and Oregon, is the 4th largest river in the U.S. Each year it received over one million salmon and steelhead from the Pacific Ocean which heads upriver to spawn. With the Columbia River so close to the both Portland OR and Vancouver, WA it is a great place for recreational fishing.

The Willamette River is very accessible to Portland residents and visitors as it runs right through the heart of downtown Portland. The Willamette flows to the Columbia River just 10 miles from downtown. This mouth of the river is productive and populated with salmon and sturgeon.

While visiting Portland, don’t miss out on these excellent angling opportunities just minutes from urban downtown!

Natural beauty and amazing fishing is always close by in Oregon.