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The finest eating salmon in the world

These feisty chinook salmon are some of the most sought after fish in the world because of their high table quality, considered by some to be the finest eating salmon in the world. Spring chinook range from 10-30 pounds and the occasional trophy pushes close to the 40 pound mark.

 We catch these spring kings low in the river, fresh from the ocean, giving you a deep red marbled meat for the dinner table. The Willamette and Columbia Rivers are fish highways for the largest runs of spring chinook in the Pacific Northwest.

These aggressive, hungry biters are a thrill to catch and challenge even the most experienced angler.

This is primarily a troll fishery, we use cut plug herring with flashers to entice the bite. One of the hardest aspects is waiting to grab the rod at the first sign of a bite. It is best to wait until the rod loads up and almost peeling line from the reel. A big hook set is not needed, swinging for the fences often results in lost fish. These salmon have hard mouths covered with a thin layer of skin. When you set the hook hard you often rip the thin skin you have them hooked by. The new regulations of barbless hooks requires you to keep tension on them, leaving little room for error.

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Spring Chinook
Spring Chinook
Catching Spring Chinook
Spring Chinook Fishing
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