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The biggest brutes of salmon return in the fall

In early August we salmon fish the Umpqua River near Reedsport and Winchester bay. Later in August we move up north to the Siuslaw River following the fish. The Siuslaw is our home water and On the Line Guide Service is among some of the best Siuslaw River fishing guides. The biggest brutes of the salmon world return in the fall. These King or Chinook salmon can reach the 60 pound mark and 50 pounders are caught each year. Yet the average fish weighs in at 18-30 pounds of pure muscle. We primarily fish plug cut herring in the lower reaches of these rivers. This triggers aggressive predatory responses from the chrome bright salmon lurking in the depths.

King Salmon

These fall salmon can reach the 60 pound mark and 50 pounders are caught each year.

We catch these Fall Kings low in the river, fresh from the ocean, giving you a deep red marbled meat for the dinner table.

Once on the line, these hard fighting Fall Chinook salmon will strain your fishing rod and your arms as they  peel drag off the reel and bulldog to the bottom of the river again and again. Their brethren, the Coho Salmon return at the same time and average 5-20 pounds. These hot little fish are fast. Pound for pound they put up an excellent fight with erratic spins and jumps. Both fish call the Umpqua and Siuslaw Rivers home along with a lot of other wildlife.

These rivers offer miles of beautiful tidewater and Florence is a cozy, picturesque coastal town with many amenities for the traveler. This destination is an estuary fishery during some of the best weather the coast has to offer. Rain, river levels, water temperature, and tides help to dictate where the fish will be, along with knowledge of their travel lanes. As the end of summer wears on into fall these salmon come in and out of the river from the ocean, acclimating to the fresh water and waiting for fall rain. Crabbing is also good during this time and offers a nice addition to the days catch.

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