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Halibut fishing regulations have taken a turn for the better in 2021. In all years prior, while halibut fishing on all-depth days (the most productive season), it has been illegal to retain any bottomfish or lingcod if a pacific halibut was on board. This year marks the first time that you can keep any legal bottom fish and lingcod during the months of May, September, and October. Additionally, in the months of June, July, and August after retaining your limit of halibut, long leader gear can be deployed to harvest a limit of mid-water rockfish.

This is the result of strict regulations over the years to protect threatened Yelloweye rockfish. The good news is that the Yelloweyes are on the rebound, and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has been given clearance by NOAA and the Pacific Fisheries Management Council to ease regulations on sport fisherman.

We now have increased opportunity for harvest, and we have the ability to maximize our time offshore with the new bag limits. This will result in longer days and more effort needed on our part to make it happen for our clients, yet the reward will be worth it. Our trips are $350 an angler for offshore halibut and rockfish, and will run the full 12 hours unless the limit is reached beforehand. This is a unique chance to be some of the first people to cash in on this level of bounty, not seen before in our ten years of operating charter boats.

Climb aboard the ‘Hitchhiker’ and try your hand at an ocean harvest not seen in a very long time. It is an exciting time to be an offshore angler in Oregon!

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